• Salted Caramel

      Salted Caramel

      Deep cooked, butter packed caramel with a liberal sprinkling of fleur de sel.

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    • Passage To Bangkok

      Passage To Bangkok

      Coconut milk caramel layered on top of single origin dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh ginger, chili, lemongrass, lime, and...

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    • Praline


      House ground hazelnut paste blended with single origin milk chocolate and feuilletine, a crunchy, nutty and chocolaty experience

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    • London Fog

      London Fog

      Single origin Milk chocolate ganache infused with Earl Grey from our friends at Lucas Teas, layered on top of a...

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    • Dark & Stormy

      Dark & Stormy

      Single origin dark chocolate ganache infused with rum, lime zest and ginger

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    • Hazelnut & Vanilla

      Hazelnut & Vanilla

      Single Origin milk chocolate gancahe blended with house ground hazelnut & whole bean Madagascar Vanilla bean

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    • Mint Cookie

      Mint Cookie

      White chocolate ganache infused with fresh mint and a touch of vanilla

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    • Lagavulin 16

      Lagavulin 16

      A ganache made of a blend of single origin chocolates, infused with a healthy pour of Lagavulin 16 scotch whiskey...

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    • Ghana 40%

      Ghana 40%

      One of our favorite origins of cacao bean, Ghana 40% milk chocolate with a touch of salt and vanilla.

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    • Cookie Dough

      Cookie Dough

      Cashew blended with caramelized white chocolate and feuilletine with cocoa nib "chips"

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    • Hazelnut cage

      Hazelnut cage

      Staff Favorite! Or at least I think it is because they seem to always go missing.... Hazelnut gianduja with candied...

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    • Gin & Tonic

      Gin & Tonic

      Fresh cucumber syrup layered on top of a single origin dark chocolate ganache infused with lime zest and gin.

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